Shri Narsimha Sansthan

P.T.R-A- 4803/PBN.

Pokharni,Tal.Dist.Parbhani - 431521, Maharasatra.



The Holy Shrine Of Pokharni Narsimha Is Waking And Ever Wakeful, Famous Holy Shrine Of Parbhani In Maharashtra. Shri Narasimha Sansthan Pilgrim Is In Progress In A Short Period Of Time. Government Of Maharashtra By "B Pilgrim" Status And Religious Tourists "B" Grade Is Received. This Shrine, Pioneer In Development And Progress Has Been Emerging As An Attractive Centre Of Tourism ForThe Devotees And Pilgrims. The Temple Administrators Implement Successfully Several Developmental Plans And Execute Different Religious, Social And Other Benefactor Programmes. The One And Only Shrine In The District Being Liked And Preferred By The Devotees And Tourists. The Devotees And Tourists Forgetting Their Responsibilities And Tasks Of Their Hectic Schedule Experience Philosophical Mirth At The Feet Of Lord Narsimha. There Is No Doubt That This Website Will Prove To Be Great Aid For The Tourists And Pilgrims For Planning, Getting Information, Or Doing Any Religious Activity At The Place Before They Visit This Shrine. Visit This Place In Person To Experience Its Philosophical Entity

Temple Information

Soon After Reaching The Temple, A Spacious Eastern Main Entrance Gate Enchants The Devotees And Tourists. After Entering Through It, A Huge Porch-Like Sabha-Mandapa Comes Into Sight. From Sabha-Mandapa People Need To Enter One More Entrance Gate Facing The East. The Temple Is HemarLithic i.e. Made Up Of Hemarpanthi Stones. In Order To Have Darshan Of “Shree” One Has To Enter 2×3 Feet Small Gate Leading To The Inner Most Division Of A Temple (Gabhaara), Through Which Only One Person Can Pass Through At A Time By Bending Too Lowly Or By Almost Squatting Down. The Inner-Most Division Of A Temple Is Constructed On Huge Gilded Hemarlitic Stone. Only 10 Persons Can Have Darshan Of “Shree” At A Time.

An Idol of Lord Narsimha

The Idol Of Lord Narsimha Located In The Inner-Most Cell Of A Temple Is 4 Feet High And Is Made Up Of Sandy Stone. Its Visage Is In Violent Anger. The Idol Has 4 Hands. One Hand Holds Chakra, The Other Hand Holds A Conch And Remaining Too Busy Tearing Belly Of A Giant ‘Hirankashyappu’. This Idol Adorned With Golden Ornaments And Studded With Valuable Gems Is In Clothing.

Shree’s Resting Room

Shree’s Resting Room Is Located Exactly Opposite To Gabhaara Containing An Ancient Wooden Bed With Silky Sheet On It. On The Bed Adorned With Peacock’s Feather Lies An Image Of Shri Laxmi-Narsimha.

Lord Shiva’s Temple

In Front Of Inner-Most Room (Gabhaara) , There Is Lord Shiva’s Temple With His Lingam Pleasing Minds Of The Devotees. Likewise There Is Also An Idol Of Lord GaneshWhich Is About 3 Feet High. The Idol Is Made Up Of Marble. Mind Gets Extremely Pleased To See Father And Son At The Same Place.

Huge Bell

It Is Really Very Difficult For The Visitors To Control The Temptation Of Ringing The Bell Hung In The Sabha-Mandapam. One Has To Leap Very High To Ring This Huge Bell. The Ringing Sound Of This Huge Bell Is Considered To Be Sign Of Sanctity And Well-Being. The Bell Is Rung Early Morning Before Consecration And Aarti In The Night.

Ganesh Temple

Ganesh Temple Is Located At The Western Gate Of The Main Temple Where In There is Ganesh Idol Made From Sandy Stone. There Are Other Idols Also Such As Gajlaxmi,Balaji And Other Deities, All Made Of Stones.

Pushkarni Tirth ( Sacred Well)

In front Of The Western Gate Of The Temple There Is 1200 Year Old ,A Very Ancient Tirthkund (Lake Of Holy Water). The Idol Of ‘Shree’ Is Consecrated Ith This Holy Water. After Descending Few Stairs Of This Well Come Into Notice Two Very Small Temples In The Niches On Either Sides.


Shri Narasimha Jayanti

During Vaishakh Shu 9 To Vaishakh Shu.15, Celebrations Of Navratri And The Birth Anniversary Are Held In A Very Grand Manner. In These Celebrations Bhaagvat, Ramayana, Stories And Preaching Are Arranged During The Course. Everyday Thousands Of Devotees Keenly Listen To The Stories, And Preaching. Janmotsav ( Birth Anniversary) Is Attended By Millions Of Devotees Come From Far Away. Palanquin Of Shree Is Taken Round The Temple. The Second Day i.e. Full Moon Day (Pornima) Is Meant For Mahaprasad. Then Procession Of Palanquin Is Held From 8.00 P.M. To 4.OO A.M. Through The Town. People Recite Bharuds, Gavalans And Abhangas During Procession. The Following Day, Celebration Comes To An End With Wrestling Competition And Kaala Kirtan (Last Preaching)

Holy Shravan Month

Every Year In Rainy Weather On Saturday, People Throng At The Temple In Large Number. Saturday, Being The Day Of Shree The Devotees Gather In Large Number And Taking In To Account Crowd Gathered, Idol Is Consecrated And Shashwat Puja Is Done At 1.00 A.M. Subsequently The Temple Is Thrown Open For Darshan At 3.00 A.M. During This Time The Devotees Living Within 5 Miles Come Bare -Footed For Shree’s Darshan. On Saturday About 10-15 Thousand Devotees Avail Of Mahaprasad

Dussehra Festival

Shree’s Palanquin Is Carried Through The Town Even During Dusserah Festival. It Is Taken To The Temple Of Goddess Devi Across The Outskirt As A Mark Of ‘SIMOLANGHAN’. People Wearing New Dresses Participate In This Procession Of Palanquin. When Palanquin Lies In Goddess Devi’s Temple, People Go To Nearby Farms To Fetch Gold Leaves And Then They Offer Them To Palanquin And Goddess Devi. Palanquin, Then Returns To The Main Temple. Participation Of The People In The Procession Provides Them Philosophical Peace To Their Minds And Great Deal Of Enthusiasm.

Poush Mass Ceremony Anyway Dnyaneshwari

Poush Mass (Months) Is Organizing The Event & The Grand Hall Of Poush Book Anyway Dnyaneshwari Mouth Spirit Of The Day Saints. These Vdarekirtana Anyway, Events, Etc. Are The Hymn. Become Involved In This Ceremony Devotees Around The Village.

Daily Programs

Daily Morning Time 4 To 6 PM & Cucumber Aarti Shri Narasimha Prabhu Rudrabhiseka, Is Made Pavamaan Abhishek.

6 AM To 7 PM Was Handing Ornament. Open At 7 In The Morning To Visit The Temple.

Shree Mahanaivadya Is Shown At 1 PM. Night At 6 PM & 8 PM In The Neighborhood & The House Was Closed.

Night Every Saturday From 9 To 12 & The Hymn Harikirtana Ekadashi.(This Is A Change In Certain Timeline Shravan Month.)

Amenities/ Available Facilities


For The Stay Of The Devotees Here, There Are Well-Equipped Accommodating Rooms Are Available Here. Some Of The Rooms Are A/C. The Charges Of These Rooms Are Minimum And Are Accepted As Donation In Charity. There Is No Particular Cost To Be Charged From Devotees.

Ceremonial Hall

To Overcome The Problem Of Scarcity Of Space, The Trust Has Provided A Special And Large 50× 100 Feet’s Ceremonial Hall Equipped With 10 Rooms And A Balcony For The Religious As Well As The Other Ceremonies Such As Marriages, Sacred Thread Ceremonies And Prasad The Basic Amenities Such As Water, Utensils And Other Physical Things Are Available In This Hall.

Spacious Garden

On The Ground In Front Of Tourists Accommodations, A Huge Garden Has Been Created With Lawn In It. There Are Asoka Trees On Either Sides Of Theroad.The Tourists And Devotees Sitting On The Lawn, Take Pleasure Of Picnic While Others Enjoy Photography.


The Trust Has Made Parking Facility Available For The Tourists And Devotees Coming To The Temple On Saturday Or Any Other Day For Religious Ceremonies. This Facility Is Made Available Free Of Cost.

Water Supply

The Temple Has Its Own Water Supply. A Huge Tank Has Been Constructed At A Very Great Height And Water From The Well In The Garden Comes To This Tank. Water Is Supplied To All Places From This Tank Only. During Emergency, Water From The Same Tank Is Provided To The Inhabitants Of Pokharni


The Trust Has Made Available For The Tourists And Devotees Simple WashRooms Everywhere.

Power Supply

To Have Continuous Power Supply In The Temple, The Trust Installed Inverter And Generator As Well. The Temple Has Also Made Available High Mast Lights For The Tourists And Devotees. There Is Power Supply All Over The Temple.

Security Arrangement

For The Security Of The Temple, The Trust Has Fixed C.C.T.V. Cameras Everywhere. Besides This, Security Guards Also Constantly Keep Strong Vigil All Over.


Everyday Saturday There Is Mahaprasad To Be Offered To To The People In The Noon Between 1.00 P.M.-4.00 P. M. This Mahaprasad Is Without Any Charges.

Distinguishing Features Of Pokharni

Pokharni Roasted In Clay Witty (Weather Viti) No House Will Not See. And Do Not Get To See The Two-Storeyed Building.

Many Of The Wooden House At Follow (Diwan) Will Not Appear. Even If They Do Not Use It Mostly For Sleeping.

In Black Cloth & Do Not Use An Umbrella As Possible.

Other Tourist Destinations In The Same Pokharni

Bujangabuva Math

Shri Narasimha Temple Is A Place Of Spectacular On The West Side Of The Ancient Monastery Bhujangabuvaca Time Outside Of The Village.

Bhavani Temple Ambabai

It's Relaxing Base Dasaryala Mostly Idyllic Location On The Road Pathri In Parbhani.

Mahadeo Temple

Urge The Village To The West Of The Temple Complex Is Adorned With The Temple Of Lord Shiva.

Khandoba's Temple

Shri Mahadev Temple Khandoba's Temple Shown.

Hanuman Temple

Pokharni Hanuman Temple At East & A Village In The East To The West, East & West-Facing Temple Are Two Hanuman Temple.

Vitthal Rukmini's Temple

Of Land, The House Is Very Near The Temple Of Shri Vitthal Rukmini tirthakunda. Always Runs In The Religious Program.

Temple Neighboring Monastery

In The Southern Part Of The Temple Is A Monastery Near The House. Shri Datta Temple & Monastery In The Shani Temple.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Temple

Sant Dnyaneshwar Temple Is In The Vallage. There Are Hled Also Bhajan And Kirtan.

Sant Savata Maharaj Temple

Shri Narasimha Temple Road Is On Hand Sant Savata Maharaj Temple.

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Contact Us

Shri Narsihma Sansthan – Vishvasth Mandal Pokharni (N.) Tal. Dist. Parbhani – 431401, Maharashtra.

Landline No:- 02452-267012, Mobile No:- +91-9673112384.

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Banks Deatails

Details Of The Bank Account For Donations To The Institute Of Devotees


1. State Bank Of India

Account Name :- Shri Narsinha Pokharni ( N. )

Branch Name :- Parbhani.

Address :- Shivaji Road, Tal. Dist. Parbhani – 431401.

Account No :- 33166367115. / IFSC Code :- SBIN0003667. / MICR :- 431002957.


2. State Bank Of Hyderabad

Account Name :- Shri Narsinha Pokharni ( N. )

Branch Name :- Daithana.

Account No :- 62180577400. / IFSC Code :- SBHY0020416.


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How To Reach

Air Ways

Pokharni Town Is Located At Distance……..From Aurangabad. Rails And Private Buses Are Available From Aurangabad City To Pokharni(Narsimha).

Rail Way

Pokharni Also Has Railway Station, So It Is Quite Easier For Any Indian To Come To Parbhani First And Then To Pokharni. Pokharni Railway Station Is Located Between Parbhani And Gangakhed Station, At The Same Distance From Both The Station.

Road Way

Pokharni Turn Is Located At 18 Km Away From Parbhani And 24 Km. Away From Gangakhed. Narsimha Temple Is Just 1.5 Km. Away From The Turn On The Road Between Parbhani And Gangakhed.